BCM (Bad Credit Management)

BCM (Bad Credit Management) is the Web based system designed by Sefin for the distressed credits transferred by financial and commercial institutions, from the acquisition phase to the collection phase.
BCM is aimed at market operators that are seeking for an intuitive and adaptive management system, as it can be easily customized to processes defined by each company based on their own expertise and capability and to future business changes.

Possible users:

• financial institutions (ex-art.106 TUB);
• collection companies (ex-art.115 TULPS, even by reason of the D.M. no. 53 April 2, 2015);
• law firms focused on credit collection.


Designed in 5 sections: Master data | Portfolio | Credits | Guarantees | Approvals

Main features:

  • master data and portfolio upload (with diagnostics) via formatted MS Excel file;
  • credits and portfolio download to MS Excel file for further data treating;
  • specific sections for debtors, legal representative, receiver and adjuster;
  • agreed repayment plan interfaced to the accounting system (optional; ERP2 system can be proposed by SEFIN if the CLIENT does not use anyone);
  • scalable and adaptive workflow;
  • interface to the AUI (i.e. centralized archive; not included; ARCWEB system is proposed by SEFIN);
  • notifications and alerts to support the daily operations;
  • activities calendar;
  • credit status management (contentious, processed, transferred etc.);
  • takings statement;
  • collection assignment management;
  • credit documents management;
  • Supervisory reporting services feeding (only for financial institutions ex-art.106 TUB, not included; EBI services proposed by SEFIN);
  • reporting to the Central Credit Risk database (optional; EBI services proposed by SEFIN);
  • Antimoney Laundering data (S.AR.A.) reporting (optional; EBI services proposed by SEFIN);
  • reporting to the Revenue Agency (optional; EBI services proposed by SEFIN).


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