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manuale Data Whol 2.3 img 18Extract, balance, verify, and aggregate information in real time.

Datawhol is one of the foremost experiences of using “Big Data” in Sefin. Big Data is/are a winning approach in the digital transformation strategies of a company, precisely because data science applications can generate clear and tangible added value to business processes.

Datawhol is used for all financial institutions that find it useful and necessary, in response to internal requests or inspections by the Supervisory Entities, to extract, balance, verify, and aggregate information in real time from Datamart, which contains various information regarding activities management, supervisory reports, CR, factoring, and for other various needs.



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All types of inquiries

  • End-of-month credits
  • Daily credits
  • Statistics
  • Daily assignments
  • End-of-month assignments
  • Inquiry decrees
  • Pending Inquiry decrees invoice / accounting ies
  • For public administrations, invoice credits for each invoice are present in DW
- pricing
- commissions
- interest amounts
- interest amounts received
- ecc.

Standard inquiries and reports:

  • Statistics by entity
  • Company statistics
  • Statistics by month
  • Statistics for sae / rae
  • Statistics by province
  • Statistics by reporting source

Datamart updated for each regulatory area:

  • Quarterly regulatory reporting extractors
  • Supervisory extractors from the previous quarter
  • Supervisory basis for the current quarter
  • Supervisory basis for the previous quarter
  • Statistical information flows
  • Loan arrears flows
  • CR extractors
  • CR outgoing flows
  • CR return flows

Currently, Sefin is evolving and revolutionizing Datawhol into a Data Warehouse / Data Lake to generate Value for its Customers.

"Big Data" can be used to obtain useful information to reduce time and costs and to develop new products, to optimize the offering according to the needs of the Customer and, above all, to provide decision-making support.

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