Consumer Credit Solutions

Sefin has developed an ERP solution - Enterprice Resource Planning - based on the 3-layer model (Interface, Application and Database) with Microsoft® technology.

At the application level, the solution consists of a central module ("Core system") designed to perform basic functions such as Accounting, Financial, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Fixed Assets management.

Other modules and functions are integrated to the "core system", and they include the following:

  • Leasing: the module for managing contracts for financial and operating leasing.
  • Financing: to manage all financial activities related to installment sales, fully integrated with the Purchasing, Sales, Financial, Insurance, and Accounting modules.
  • Personal Loans: to meet the need for the provision of loans not tied to the ownership of an asset.

The adopted technology makes it possible to have the traceability of any operation or document at both operational and accounting levels.