IT Structure


Main System
IBM Mainframe ZSeries
IBM PureFlex System
Storage System
IBM TotalStorage DS8300
NAS Dell Storage NX
Backup System IBM
System Storage TS Family
EMC DataDomain


  • COLT Telecom Internet Access in 20 Mbits Optical Fiber, scalable up to 1 Gbits;
  • Internet access backup on 4 Mbits copper provided by Telecom Italia;
  • Private geographic WAN network based on MPLS technology;
  • Access node to the National Interbank Network (RNI) for the management of messaging provided by the Bank of Italy Risk Center. The connection is made using the hardware and software equipment of the Interbank Company for Automation (SIA-SSB);
  • Redundancy of backbone routers, access and distribution switches;
  • Network infrastructure implemented on CISCO technology;


  • FailOver protection through CISCO ASA Firewall;
  • dedicated VLANs;
  • CISCO VPN infrastructure on IPSEC / IKE protocol;
  • IDS / IPS MCAffee systems;
  • Redundancy of Antivirus, AntiSpam and Antispyware systems;


Mainframe system
Agreement with IBM, for the supply of hardware with the same power as the IBM Zseries system at the IBM BCRS Center, with the execution of periodic recovery tests.
Departmental Systems
The SEFIN BCRS Center is located in Seregno (25 Km north of Milan), the center is also equipped with Desktop workstations to host groups of users.
Network infrastructure
Backup of the LAN and WAN network at the SEFIN Disaster Recovery Center in Seregno (MI) connected to the Internet with access to 10 Mbit / s.






24x7x365 Systems Monitoring:

  • Host UP
  • Availability TCP / UDP Services
  • Network transmission speed
  • % CPU usage
  • Memory
  • Disk I / O
  • Connections
  • Analysis and resolution in case of alarms, forwarding of SMS notifications via GSM modem, emergency access to systems via GPRS / UMTS / EDGE devices.







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