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Factoring Management

Solutions for
for Factoring company

Make credit management smooth and fast and optimize your factoring business

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Outsourcing for factoring companies

Registration of subjects, loading of sales, collections and advance notices, handling management.

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Fast Credit Transmission

Acquisition of credit transfer and the monitoring of the activity of the transferor

The Transferor can then quickly upload the presentations of the Transfers and send them, directly from FCT, to the Factor that can view them

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Factoring On line

View highly variable information related to the relationship of the Transferor towards the Factor

Positions, Collections, E / C Capitals, E / C Credit (Outstanding)

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Extract, balance, verify, and aggregate

Aggregate information in real time

Aggregate various information regarding activities management, supervisory reports, CR, factoring, and for other various needs

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NPE Credit Management

Intuitive and adaptive management system

Qualified for Supervisory, Central Risk credit and AUI reporting

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Securitization operations management

Manage the transactions received from the sub-servicers (collections, expenses, etc.)

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Control of the economic and financial situation

Shipping, invoicing, general accounting, treasury...

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Regulatory Reporting

Consulting and integrated systems for financial intermediaries and banks

Vigilanza e Matrice, Centrale dei Rischi e AnaCredit, CAI, Bilancio IAS, ICAAP, Antiriciclaggio, Agenzia delle Entrate ecc.

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Digital storage

Solution for legally compliant document storage

Offline archiving, electronic collation, dematerialisation of documents, compliant substitute conservation, destruction of documents, etc.

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Electronic invoicing

Sending and receiving electronic invoices

Management of all possible delivery outcomes transmitted by the Exchange System (SdI). By entering the SEFIN electronic code on the Revenue Agency website, all your supplier invoices will be managed by Sefin!

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Electronic Signature

Advanced or Qualified Electronic Signature

Usable immediately and with simplicity thanks to its easy-to-use signature processes, favoring optimization of costs management.

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