Technical telephone support / operative or general


Quadrature, registry services, communication of Vigilance and Central of Risks


Support services to factoring activities


Distribution and archiving of documents, orders and invoices, mailing, digital electronic signature

BPO: Business Process Outsourcing - for increasingly effective and efficient solutions

What is Sefin BPO? - search for increasingly effective and efficient solutions.

We talk about BPO when a company entrusts the management and the experience of an entire business process.

The benefits arising from the outsourcing of indicated services, are IT, have been widely demonstrated:

  • be able to concentrate on their business by outsourcing the execution of non-core businesses
  • transform costs from fixed to variable
  • being able to count on a specific consultancy service
  • respond with speed and flexibility
  • use the experience of qualified professionals
  • always be compliant with the legislation in force
  • use personnel with specific skills

Do for others what is not part of their core business.
Increase efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

This assumption is based on the Sefin offer which, thanks to a team of 50 specialized resources, coming from the financial sector and constantly updated on national regulations, is ready to participate and share an entire business process.
An account is in fact to guarantee the life cycle of what is related to IT (machines, connectivity and applications) different is to be true partners of change able to support the client company in the implementation of evolutions able to make always processes are efficient and effective.
In the panorama of outsourcers for financial intermediaries, the Sefin group started, at the beginning of the 80s, from the IT component and today has expanded its offer also achieving the ISO 9001/2015 quality certification and UNI CEI ISO/IEC 27001 certification.

Outsourcing solutions for:

  • Financial Intermediaries, and prevalently factoring, leasing, consumer credit, branches of foreign banks, SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle).
  • All companies interested in improving and optimizing the processes of distribution, archiving of documents, orders, invoices, mailing and e-mailing.
  • All companies looking for greater security in the management and exchange of information in IT, secure e-mail, digital electronic signature, certain digital date.
  • Small Medium Enterprises that believe in computerization as a necessary element for creating a considerable competitive edge

Qualified Multilingual operators

The QCS (Qualified Customer Service) office of the Help-Desk service is made up of a team of operators dedicated to providing assistance to customers in Italian, English, French and Spanish.
From Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 18.30 on a continuous schedule.

help desk tecnicoAssistance and specific requests

The assistance provided may be operational, technical and / or generic.
In the case of specific requests and details on specific topics, 1st level assistance is provided and, if not sufficiently exhaustive, the call is forwarded to the competent office: accounting, insurance, contract management, etc., without the customer having to make further calls.

Reports and results

  • At the end of the month, it is sent to the Customer:
  • Excel file that shows all the data and charts agreed, useful for monthly and billing statistics.
    File of all phone calls received and made containing the data of the phone call (operator, number, time of arrival, duration, etc.).

Outsourcing Administrative Services:

  • Quadrature and checks on periodic elaborations
  • Sending files and bases required by the Regulatory Reporting
  • Management of messages and communications to the Central Credit Register
  • Uploading and managing personal data
  • Arrangements anomalies
  • Analysis of characteristics for Reporting activities
  • Preparatory interventions and support for the registration of the Financial Intermediaries Register
  • Rationalization of company processes and procedures 

Outsourcing services for Factoring

Support activities:

Personal data

  • Extraction from authorized sources prospectuses for registration of subjects
  • Registration of subjects sold in centralized master data
  • Registration of subjects sold in debtor records
  • Variation of data on assigned subjects already registered
  • Management of problems with the customer / assignor

Credits transfer

  • Manual credits load
  • Automatic credit load
  • Management of problems with the customer / assignor

Collections and Prescriptions

  • Loading bank accounts
  • Credit account accounting

Pending accounting management

  • Accounting for non-financial receipts
  • Notice of registration
  • Problem management with the customer / assignor

Invoices to transferors

  • Expenses for expenses
  • Management of manual movements
  • Recording of accounting movements in the context of collection operations

Portfolio management

  • Recording of portfolio calls
  • Unpaid registrations
  • SBF automatic discharge

Furthermore, Sefin can take care of:

Fulfillment of the obligations established by the SUPERVISORY INSTITUTIONS OF BANCA D'ITALIA AND THE ENTRY AGENCY

Assistance in the periodic verification of assigned positions, factoring transactions, debtor risks, anomaly reports

Consulting and updating on the regulations concerning the application of the factoring tool (laws and sentences)

Assistance and advice for the preparation of general modules


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