Management software for the Salary-Backed Loans, linked to 1/5th of salary

Our management software (C⅕) has been chosen by dozens of specialized operators, belonging to the most important banking groups. The coverage and reliability with which the functional and technical features have been designed ensure maximum control over all phases of the value chain of this complex business.

The Salary-backed assignment (C⅕) is configured as a guaranteed personal loan, which is, granted against particular guarantees offered by the customer, such as Severance Pay (TFR). Peculiarity of the salary-backed assignment is the fact that the loan installment is withheld directly from the pay slip by the employer (in the case of employees) or from the pension of the applicant for the loan (in the case of retirees).

Why choose the C⅕ software?

The courageous choice to develop an ad-hoc system, starting from scratch, has allowed us to establish new reference standards in the software management sector.

The use of a state-of-the-art technological platform has also allowed us to minimize the impact of the implementation of our solution on the existing information system and to reduce the transition period of typical users from the previous to the new management system.