Gender equality policy and UNI/PdR 125:2022 certificate

certificazioneparitàdigenereSefin S.p.A. has achieved gender equality certification for the following activities:

  • Measures to ensure gender equality in the workplace in relation to the design, manufacturing and assistance on software packages, consultancy and provision of services aimed at the credit and financial companies in support of credit management and reporting to Authorities.
  • Automated document management and multimedia mailing service, legally certified digital archiving and web publishing.
  • Design and provision of training activities for financial and credit intermediaries.

Gender equalitySefin S.p.A. has always believed that values such as diversity and plurality can be a definite strength for the company: they are values that can determine the realization of an open, stimulating, dynamic and virtuous working environment, capable of inspiring the best collaboration among the people who are part of the corporate organization.

Formalizing the company's existing focus on inclusive policies for all genders, without distinction, is therefore the immediate next step to be taken:

the requirement has found concrete implementation in the drafting and approval of a series of written commitments, all of which converge and together depend on the document “Policy for gender equality “.


The document enshrines Sefin's commitment to conducting improvement interventions to ensure an environment inspired by the principles proper to gender equality, including in the areas of intervention identified below:

  • Corporate culture and strategy;
  • Corporate governance;
  • The processes of human resource management and development;
  • The opportunity for women's growth and inclusion in the company;
  • Compensation equity by gender;
  • The protection of parenting and work-life balance.

It is also through the establishment of a Steering Committee for Gender Equality Policies and with the definition of a Strategic and Corporate Monitoring Plan that Sefin will ensure the concrete implementation of the principles and rules inherent in policies to ensure gender equality, in all its forms, within the company.