Environmental, Social, Governance.

The three dimensions of sustainability.

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Gro Harlem Brundtland)

ESG Insight

Sefin is striving to position itself toward the environment with a sustainable approach, using less polluting materials and avoiding waste of any kind. We understand that there needs to be a strong push toward social, economic and institutional innovation that will accompany companies toward a green transition.

Sefin participated in ESG assessment through Synesgy platform:

Synesgy Certified

Sefin has prepared the Social Report with which it intends to identify its goals regarding sustainability and responsible development of its business in the short and long term.

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lotta al cambiamento climatico

Criteri E (Environmental)

There are many best practices that Sefin has implemented to minimize the impact of processes and activities on climate and the land, starting from the use of renewable resources to public transportation subsidies to reduce CO2 emissions.

Criteri S (Social)

Sefin respects the rights of all collaborators and employees, focusing on aspects such as gender equality and opposition to any form of discrimination.


Criteri G (Governance)

The governance responsibility of Sefin S.p.A.

Increased control of tools and resources and the ability to initiate tangible actions in daily business operations has enabled us to streamline various internal mechanisms.


ESG: Risks and strategies

The training courses organized by the Sefin Academy

The courses, through a concrete and pragmatic approach, offer the elements for the correct approach to sustainability-related strategies and insights into models and methods for quantitative measurement of risks associated.