Assifact (Italian Association for Factoring), an apolitical and non-profit entity, was established in 1988 with the aim of aggregating factoring professionals and promoting a stable and orderly development of the factoring market.

The Association, therefore, proposes to collaborate in the analysis and solution of matters concerning factoring, through investigation, information and technical assistance in favor of its Associates, promoting a spirit of cohesion and coordination, and a concerted action of representation of the interests of the sector concerning the economic and financial system, monetary and supervisory authorities, public entities ...."

SEFIN has been a supporting member for many years as a provider of services and solutions recognized as effective by trade associations.

SEFIN has participated in some conferences promoted or sponsored by Assifact and other trade associations in the financial sector.

Sefin solutions for factoring companies:

Fully parameterizable Factoring management software

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