Sorep Srl


Sorep Srl is a company located in Ronciglione (VT) that provides consulting services to Banks, Banking Groups and Banking Information Technology companies in the areas of Regulatory Reporting, Control, Financial Statements, Risk Monitoring and Control.

Beginning in 2022, Sefin SpA will use the support of Sorep Ltd. to provide solutions for the generation of Financial Statements complete with schedules and tables of Notes to the Financial Statements with subsequent production in various digital or paper formats.

The automatic feeding of the Financial Statement schedules and tables of Notes to the Financial Statements is done through the acquisition of the Base 4 and Base 3 Supervisory reporting; the management and control of the individual and consolidated financial statements coply with both Circular 262 2005 (The Banking Financial Statements) of the Bank of Italy and the provisions inherent to The "Financial Statements of IFRS Intermediaries other than Banking Intermediaries".

In addition, it is possible to check the appropriateness of budget data through internal and external consistency checks.