ANGAISA is the National Association of Merchants of Plumbing, Air-conditioning Flooring, Wall Coverings and Bathroom Furnishings aimed at protecting the general interests of the Category/Sector and promoting trade relations between distribution and production.


Sefin has participated with its technical support in the activation of the ANGAISA B2B Node Platform for the electronic exchange, between distributors and manufacturers, of the documents that constitute the order cycle.

Joining the ANGAISA B2B Node is ideal for any company, large or small; no new ICT structures or deployment of resources are required, but a connection with the EDI provider (Sefin SpA) will suffice to ensure the exchange of electronic documents between counterparties in the required standards.




What are the benefits of joining 2B2 ANGAISA Node?

  • ERADICATES work time and possible operational errors
  • GUARANTEES greater reliability in every transition
  • SIMPLIFIES the exchange of business documents
  • ELIMINATES complex infrastructures