Certification UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017


CQY 27001.17 RGB ENThe last month of april 2019, SEFIN S.p.A has obtained the prestigious certification UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 27001.
The certification was obtained on the basis of a voluntary international regulation concerning the security of information processed by the organization both in digital form, in paper form and in any other format.
With this advanced standard, SEFIN exposes its customers, suppliers and collaborators to the existence of a security management system for information circulating within our company, guaranteeing respect for maximum security in this regard.

The ISO 27001 standard is an advanced standard of absolute excellence, taken as an example, like some NIST standards, for the management of operational organizational aspects concerning safety by the main international players in the most delicate sectors (banks, finance, healthcare , ICT, etc.) and is progressively establishing itself even outside its traditional channel of Information Technology companies. It covers aspects such as physical, logical, application security, backup, disaster recovery & business continuity, and more. It presupposes a fairly complex risk assessment that allows the company to monitor its own aspects.

At the end, last but not least, the ISO 27001 standar is a recognized basis useful for the correct fulfillment of the obligations relating to the GDPR, in particular those relating to the "Technical and Organizational Measures" at the heart of the Regulation (Art.32), besides being an entry requirement for other regulations such as, for example, substitutive conservation.




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