Please complete this form and submit it together with a copy of an Identity document. The data entered will be sent to the Controller through the following e-mail address: privacy@sefin.it.

The collected information will be processed with the only purpose of working the data and answering to your request, and then all the information will be deleted, except for the Controller’s right to fulfil the legal obligations, and to protect his interests in court. You should fill all the data fields required, in order to allow the Controller to process your request correctly. If this form is not fully completed, we should contact you in order to obtain missing information. In this case, your request’s processing should be delayed till you will provide all necessary information.

1. The Applicant's data

2. The Data Subject (if different from applicant)

3. Relationship with Sefin S.p.A.:

4. Which right do you intend to exercise?

5. Request Details

Please Describe your request into detail: you should put your exercised right into context, related to the relationship with Sefin S.p.A. (as specified at point 3). It is recommended to be as specific as possible in order to allow the Controller to give a timely feedback, providing accurate and complete information.

If the Applicant differs from the Data Subject, please attach a proxy statement, or other equivalent means to attest the Applicant is entitled to request information about the Data Subject.

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